To Ransom A Man’s Soul Droughtlander is finally upon us. I deleted my original blog article about the finale despite the fact that I thought it was an incredible and powerful performance by Sam Heughan. It achieved its purpose: to evoke a visceral response in me and to leave me incomparably disturbed and thoroughly grossed […]

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“No!” I replied, all too mindful of the twenty men lying a few feet away. “I’m not tired, it’s just–” I gasped as his groping hand found its way between my legs.  “Lord, ” he said softly. “Its slippery as water weed.” “Jamie! There are twenty men sleeping right next to us!” I shouted in […]

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I’m sipping on a soft Merlot, relishing the crisp coolness of a northern breeze, drifting through an open window. The earthy smell of a lake outside fills me with a sense of peace and calm—of something primal, otherworldly. There is nothing like the smells of nature to fill a person with a sensation of completeness. […]

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  The Hiatus has come to a close, Thank ye Jesus, and with it, come new episodes of Outlander, complete with all the fodder that goes along with it. New episodes come with varying opinions–its part of the package deal. I get it. I do. Outlander readers are unique, patient, and willing to read thousand […]

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The Showmance

The horrid wicked evil Hiatus is drawing to a close (Thank Ye Jesus!!). Crikey! What a mistake that was! I was pondering, reflecting, as I often do after protracted time on Twitter. I am unable to shake the lingering atmosphere of dissension and to continue to note the various factions within the fandom. I considered […]

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Recently, I touched upon the scathing hatred for “trolls” and the melodramas playing out in Outlandia. Within Outlandia, the definition of troll seems to be anyone who brings “negativity” to the Outlander Fandom, who says anything negative about Sam Heughan, or ridicules or questions the Peak Challenge in any way. The Panel of fan “experts” […]

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The Hiatus

Starz’ Outlander’s merciless and unusually protracted hiatus has forced fans and unfans alike to find ways to pass the time. Some constructive, others, well, you’ve witnessed it. Some are on board with the My Peak Challenge, a “real time” way for individuals to fine tune and hone their fitness levels. An avid athlete and munro […]

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